200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 Our 200 hour teacher training provides a broad introduction to the fundamentals of teaching a well-sequenced, creative and safe vinyasa yoga class. Teachers prepare to lead classes with intelligence, joy, and wisdom.

Our studies will range from asana, pranayama, and meditation; ancient yogic texts; basic anatomy and physiology of the physical body and subtle energy body; history and philosophy of yoga; Ayurveda; various styles and lineages of yoga; Yin Yoga; mantra, ethics, restorative yoga, pre-natal, hands-on assisting, observing, teaching and assisting cOMmunity classes, and more.

This training prepares you to teach inspired yoga classes as well as offers you the opportunity to explore the depth of your own being and awaken the innermost truth that resides within us all. This program is not intended to give you a sequence of postures and script to follow. Our training provides students with the essential knowledge of yoga asana and philosophy, while cultivating courage and creativity to plan and teach an experiential yoga practice.

Training consists of over 200 hours of practice, self-study and inspired teachings and is approved by the nationally recognized Yoga Alliance.

Students develop strength in spirit, authenticity and purpose.

Teaching yoga is a path of self-discovery, shared inspiration, and service. We want to share this path with you.

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