January 7, 2019

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Self care has become a new catchphrase encompassing everything from green smoothies to pedicures.  It has become so ubiquitous that its actual meaning has been watered down to in fact, mean nothing at all.  And yet it is probably the single most important factor to becoming a great yoga teacher and staying committed to the path. 

Self care is noticing what you are feeling in the moment, choosing the tool, resource or practice that is appropriate for the situation and that in some way allows you to come back to yourself.  Yoga is all about self-study and I believe that this is really the crux behind the self-care movement.  As we get to know ourselves and the origins of some of our choices we become more and more who w...

December 18, 2018

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The word shaktipat in Sanskrit means to receive spiritual awakening or a transmission of shakti through touch, a glance or just by being in the presence of an enlightened being.  There are many reputable spiritual teachers who proclaim to have received this transmission of shakti from their own guru. When it comes to teaching and practicing yoga, I can't say that I have received a transmission of spiritual energy by another, but I do know that I have felt a soft opening when around a skilled teacher and have even received hands-on assists that made me think for a moment that I may have had some kind of awakening.  

One aspect of teaching yoga that is wrought with controversy is around how teachers skillfully or n...

November 29, 2018

Musings on prenatal yoga.

For me, excellent yoga instruction = dedication + preparation. I apply it consistently — particularly to my prenatal classes, which hold much space in my heart. These women deserve a safe & sacred practice.

As excellent instructors, we can’t get away with: "umm, you can do everything… just don't do any deep twists." That’s not enough — there's much more to it.

My first YTT scratched the surface of prenatal yoga — I was hooked & knew I must study further. I did so with a prenatal YTT. It was incredibly special.

Many ask how I show up to this role without having experienced pregnancy & birth myself. Hmm. My answer — dedication, preparation, passion, humility.

My prenatal students are amazing & I constantly lea...

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