The Light of Consciousness Dawns in the Darkness

Close your eyes; let this very simple action draw

your attention inside yourself.  

Sink into the quiet,

the thick, warm primordial ooze of viscera. 

Feel around in the dark with your breath.  

Feel the boundary of skin; the landmark of sensation.

The light of consciousness dawns in the dark spaces.

The lotus rises from the mud; petals unfurling into a

blossoming promise of Pure Awareness.  

You were never separate from this Consciousness. 

You are wholeness itself

taking on manifest form.

You are one unified field of cosmic stardust, matter, bone and spirit.  

Withdraw from the contracted space of forgetfulness.

Loosen your grip on identifying who you are

by the rules of conformity and materiality.

Unclench your jaw

unfurl your fingers

boundless energy; yielding to possibility.

Your essence earthbound and enduring;

shapeshifting and time traveling. 

The Light of Consciousness dawns in the dark spaces.


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Photos by SharetheSoul