Summer Intensive - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

May 25, 2017


Most people who sign up for a yoga teacher training, seem to be at a precipice in their lives.  They are on the edge of change and transition or transformation and are seeking a connection to an inherent teacher that they somehow recognize even if it’s not fully realized.  With our social media feeds filled with fancy poses, it might appear that this inherent teacher is only accessible by putting our leg behind our head.  This 200 hour teacher training, places an emphasis on the concept of svadyaya, or self-study.  We will not give you a script to memorize or a sequence of poses to repeat over and over again.  Our intention is to facilitate an experience that aligns you to your own inner compass as a way to draw from your spirit of authenticity.  


We will provide you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of teaching an alignment infused Vinyasa yoga class.  We will provide a framework to build safe sequences that will both challenge and inspire the students that you will eventually serve. We will provide tools and tips to access your voice as an evolving yoga teacher.  We will draw from a variety of ancient texts to explore yoga in its ancient roots and extrapolate ways to make the teachings accessible to our modern Western lifestyle.  


Even if you don’t have a desire to ever teach yoga to the public, this is still an incredible opportunity to find more depth in your asana practice, but also as a way to step into your own fullness as a human being.  


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