Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


As a yoga educator, I have come to understand the importance of dedicated practice and continued study. I draw from my background in education to create a curriculum that not only emphasizes what to teach, but how to teach.  Each weekend’s content is meant to scaffold your teaching skills, create opportunities for self-reflection and allow you to get clear on who you are as a Yoga teacher.  


Our work as Yoga teachers is to become more attuned and present to our own needs as multilayered human beings, so that we may  be attuned and present for the students who attend our classes.


Content to be covered, includes:

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • Sequencing + Theming

  • Seasonal Asana, Mantra and Mudra Explorations

  • Yoga and Psychology

  • Yoga Philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism tradition) + Contemplation techniques

  • Anatomy + Subtle Body Anatomy

  • Self Care for Yoga Teachers


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One on one mentorship with an experienced teacher is crucial in sustaining your yoga teaching practice and career. Although it is rewarding, our  chosen profession often feels lonesome and isolating and mentorship creates a path to continued occupational connection. 


A key component of the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is working with me on an individual basis throughout the duration of the training. This time can be used to discuss the places where you feel a growing edge in your teaching, refine your comprehension of content shared in training weekends or receive instruction on asana alignment and technique.

Enrollment in the 300 hour training is not requisite for those interested in pursuing continuing education at Maine Yoga School. Each weekend module and the mentorship program can be taken as stand alone continuing education courses. Some of these modules are even appropriate for the curious practitioner. Sometimes the commitment, time and resources needed to complete an entire 300 hour teacher training can feel overwhelming.  I am dedicated to supporting you wherever you are on your journey.